When studying culture, the challenge for marketers is to determine whether culture

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  • How to Create Inclusive Marketing Moments

    Businesses are used to operating for the good of their stakeholders, investors, employees, and customers. However, consumers are increasingly looking to businesses to make a positive impact on society. People want to know your business’ values before they buy. What’s more, they want to make sure those values match their own, and they want to see action — not just words. Marketers have the responsibility to tell the (true!) story of a brand’s values, how the brand is making a difference, and how consumers can join the mission. In this episode of Live with Marketers, we’re talking about this social responsibility with: Lola Bakare, CMO Advisor & Inclusive Marketing Strategist, be/co Maddy Kulkarni, Global Marketing Director, Sustainability & Impact, Pepsico

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  • 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook

    The Great Reshuffle is here. Hundreds of thousands of marketers left their jobs in 2021 in search of more flexibility and a sense of purpose. This global phenomenon has dramatically reshaped employee expectations. Employers need to keep up with these expectations or risk losing their best employees. In this episode of Live with Marketers, we’re discussing our 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook report with: Tequia Burt, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Marketing Blog, LinkedIn Connie Chen, Insights Program Manager, LinkedIn

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  • Brand Management in the Age of Corporate Responsibility

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Lida Citroën & Obed Louissaint

    Create stronger corporate reputations by learning about brand management from some of the brightest minds in B2B.

    As a marketer, you know that people expect brands to do more than simply deliver a great product or service at a fair price. Not only are modern brands expected to deliver on a clear purpose in meaningful and measurable ways, but they need to have transparent and well-articulated positions on social, cultural, and environmental issues as well.

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  • 2022 B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

    Featuring Ty Heath, Jon Lombardo & Peter Weinberg

    Reject consensus opinion and gain a significant edge over competition with these top B2B marketing trends for 2022.

    We believe that there’s never an advantage to following the crowd— especially in marketing, where the crowd is usually wrong. Listen to LinkedIn’s Director of Market Engagement, Ty Heath, Head of Development, Peter Weinberg, and Head of Research, Jon Lombardo, as they discuss contrarian ideas in B2B marketing and reveal the top trends for 2022.

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  • 2022 B2B Marketing Trends

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Ann Handley & Carla Johnson

    A lot has changed this year: Marketers have left their long-time jobs. Brand purpose and reputation have taken center stage. Privacy rules have changed. And yet despite the uncertainty, marketers delivered.

    To close out our last broadcast of the year, marketing experts Ann Handley and Carla Johnson are joining us to reflect on the year and predict what may be ahead for marketers in 2022.

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  • Digitally transforming your marketing team in 2022

    Featuring Lizzy Knights-Ward, Al Cadena, Fernanda Gurgel and Emma Robertson

    In this episode of Live with Marketers, we met leaders who have been taking on their marketing teams transformation journeys – and in the process act as partners for other businesses in making digital transformation happen.

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  • 2021 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

    We’ve gathered insights from nearly 3,600 management-level professionals who consume thought leadership to help marketers, communicators and salespeople better understand what’s behind this trend and how to break through the noise — including when to use thought leadership and what attributes B2B audiences want to see from companies. We hope the findings shed light on how your own organization shows up in the marketplace — and helps to spark new thinking and ideas that you can use in your thought leadership efforts.

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  • Equity Every Day

    Featuring Ty Heath, Jamillah Bowman-Williams, Jon Evans and Cristina Jones

    Watch our On-Demand webinar as we explore the knowledge-action gap with a marketing and behavioral science lens. Joined by leading experts, we'll examine the questions: what is stopping us from making progress and how do we make lasting progress with DEI?

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  • Why digital transformation is a marketing initiative

    Grace MacDonald, Katharyn White, Mark Seall

    In this episode of Live with Marketers, we heard from marketing leaders who have taken the lead on digital transformation – and put their team at the heart of shaping business strategy.

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  • Overcoming Livestream Fatigue

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Stephen A. Hart and Goldie Chan

    We know streaming video positively impacts ROI and most companies plan to adopt live broadcasting in the future. But how do you differentiate your video in this new digital jungle?

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  • Champions of B2B Creativity

    Featuring Ty Heath,Jann Martin Schwarz,Dean Aragon,Jon Lombardo and Kirsten Allegri Williams

    Creativity in B2C vs. B2B and what B2B marketers can learn. The opportunity for agencies that chose to focus on B2B. Guidance on overcoming organizational barriers to investment in B2B Creativity. How developing 5-star creative will give you an edge

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  • The Changing Marketing Jobs Landscape

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Tequia Burt, Connie Chen

    Leveraging the power of LinkedIn's vast first party data and insights, we've conducted analysis on the marketing industry over the last year. Our findings reinforce that the marketing sector is evolving and adapting quickly to the new digital behaviors of consumers.

    In response, companies are hiring more specialized marketers who understand the digital landscape and are able to market to consumer concerns with the right solutions. Within our upcoming broadcast, you'll discover how the marketing jobs landscape has changed during the pandemic.

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  • How can B2B brands tap into the consumer mindset

    Featuring Grace MacDonald, Gordana Buccisano, Claire Delalande, Chris Gold

    In this episode, we discussed how B2B brands can tap into the consumer mindset with a panel of marketing leaders from American Express, Havas Media Group and Red Hat.

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  • Post-Pandemic Brand Building

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Callie Schweitzer and Paul Ko

    According to the 2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index, 41% of workers globally are considering a job change in the next 12 months. This broadcast will share how Marketers and Employer Brand will help companies win the post pandemic flight of the job seeker.

    Natural seasonality in talent attrition typically results in a large spike in attrition in Aug-Oct time frame. This may be larger this year because it times with consumer expectations for Covid-19 Vaccination timelines. Current research on job seekers shows that there is a 'shelter in job' mindset which could lift along with vaccinations and an increasing return to everyday life in certain countries. Now is the time to lean into Employer Brand.

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  • Building your Startup Brand

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Danielle Duhon and Felix Baca

    With so much whitespace for startups on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to pinpoint where to start your efforts.

    This On-Demand Webinar will focus on the B2B building blocks to help businesses like yours drive value by reaching the right folks for your brand and driving meaningful engagement.

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  • The Scientific Laws of Growth in Marketing

    Featuring Ty Heath, Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg

    Just like there are laws of physics that govern gravity, there are laws of marketing that govern growth.

    However, too many marketers today ignore the laws of marketing, which is why, in part, CMO tenures and marketing budgets continue to shrink. The select few marketers who follow the laws of marketing can apply that knowledge to (1) grow their brand, (2) grow their sales, and (3) grow their careers.

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  • The Business of Executive Thought Leadership

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Amber Naslund and Lee Odden

    Why bother with thought leadership? Because maintaining an active executive presence on social has a direct impact on the buyer’s journey.

    56% of professionals stated that a business executive’s presence on social media positively influences their purchase decision

    66% of professionals said they would be more likely to recommend a company or brand if they followed a company executive on social media

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  • Live with Marketers: Agility in 2021

    Featuring Grace MacDonald, Chien-Wen Tong, Amanda Zafiris, Mark Murray Jones

    Strategy won’t stop you being agile – and agility shouldn’t stop you being strategic.

    Our panel discussed what this means to them, sharing how they’ve needed to be agile with their strategy and their teams – and how this fit into their wider objectives.

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  • Full Funnel Marketing Myths

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Christopher Penn and Kathleen Booth

    Is performance marketing dead? Are we all brand marketers now? Is lead generation more important than brand awareness? How can we best measure the ROI on thought leadership and brand awareness campaigns?

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  • Cashing in on Creativity

    Featuring Ty Heath, Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg

    Can powerful creative help your business generate 10-20X more sales? The answer is "yes." Firms willing to invest in high-scoring creative advertising will win more market share and make more sales.

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  • Looking Forward to 2021

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Shama Hyder and Brittany Blanchard

    Ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021? Us too. That's why we're dedicating our final Live with Marketers broadcast of the year to a look ahead at what's next in B2B marketing.

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  • What does the Future of Growth look like?

    Featuring Grace MacDonald, Josh Graff, Samairah Maqsood, Andrew Harkness

    In this episode, we looked forward to 2021 and explored how the Future of Growth is taking shape with a stellar panel line-up. Together, our panel discussed the unexpected pivots and structural changes that 2020 drove, a changing relationship between sales and marketing, and the vital role that culture needs to play in enabling organisations to adapt.

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  • ABM is Alive and Well

    Featuring Kaitlin Bellay, Jason Widup and Emily Anthony

    In B2B marketing, now more than ever, we know how critical it is to engage high-value accounts and identify new opportunities. Marketers who adopt an account-first approach are more agile and budget-efficient by focusing on aligning sales and marketing, targeting high-quality audiences, and tracking ROI.

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  • New Customer Engagement Strategies

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Tusar Barik and Joe Kingsbury

    At U.S. companies of various size and in different industries, B2B leaders know their customers are facing economic uncertainty and pressure to preserve cash–but customers are still seeking unexpected opportunities to strengthen their position.

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  • Sales & Marketing Alignment: Moments of Trust

    Featuring Grace MacDonald, Jeff Davis, Alison Orsi and Hans Dekkers

    In a recent study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by LinkedIn, 89% of sales and marketers surveyed said their priorities for the next 12 months depend on successful sales and marketing alignment. But, what does this mean in reality? Our speakers debate this and more. Join the conversation #momentsoftrust

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  • What Marketers Should Be Measuring Now

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Karl Sjogren, Tsvetan "T" Tsvetkov and Mike Menkes

    It is likely that many of the goals and KPIs your organization set earlier in the year have been reshaped due to the disruption of COVID-19. Business leaders are being challenged to adapt on the fly and draw up new roadmaps. The prerogative: navigate the path to recovery, but it's important to note that your growth goals may look different.

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  • Marketing to the CFO

    Featuring Ty Heath, Fran Cassidy, Frank Cooper and Rob Norman

    Just like the customer is always right, Finance always gets the final say – over your budget, your KPIs, and your success. Learn how to positively shift your relationship with finance using shared language and trusted relationships within the business.

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  • Events 2.0: The New Virtual Experience

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Ryan Lytle and Chris Packard

    We surveyed hundreds of marketers and 69% cited 'switching in-person events to virtual events' as a major challenge over the past 2 months. Learn how our internal LinkedIn Media Production team went virtual overnight and how Adobe turned their annual Summit into an engaging, accessible and personalized digital experience.

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  • The Marketing Balancing Act

    Featuring James Arnall, Emma Rush, Sabrina Rodriguez, Grace MacDonald

    Is balancing long-term brand building and short-term sales activation a key priority for your team in 2020? We've created a digital space for B2B marketers to discuss The Marketing Balancing Act. Our panellists discussed this and more in the latest episode of Live with Marketers. Watch the discussion now.

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  • How Insights Can Inform the Next Decade of Marketing

    Featuring Sean Callahan, Lacey Miyazaki and Allen Gannett

    A decade of marketing is behind us and a new decade lies ahead. Let’s kick off 2020 with a look back at insights from the past decade of B2B marketing, what we can learn and how this data informs content creation and consumption patterns for 2020.

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  • Building a Brilliant Brand on Social

    Featuring Steve Kearns, Ish Verduzco, Nick Martin, Alyson Brewer-Hay

    Social media, when done well, is magical. One witty, well-crafted post can deepen relationships with key audiences and elevate your brand to superstar status. But when mishandled, just 150 characters can set your brand back years in well-earned trust and credibility.

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  • Why Measuring ROI Quickly Poses Challenges for Marketers

    Featuring Alex Rynne, Ami Trivedi, Andrew Kaplan and Mandy McEwen

    As marketers, we understand the pressure to demonstrate impact and drive business growth. Despite the importance of proving this value, calculating and demonstrating ROI can be difficult. In fact, 63% of digital marketers do not feel very confident in their ROI measurement and as a result do not share results as readily with stakeholders.

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  • Talent, Creativity and the Future of Marketing

    Featuring Mohamed Zohny and Raymond Coppinger

    We all know that what we do today sets the foundation for future growth and success. But what should we, as marketers, be doing? Our international panel of marketing leaders explored this and more in Live with Marketers from Europe.

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  • The Secret Life of Marketers on LinkedIn

    Featuring Katie Martell and Michael Brenner

    Watch to learn how the brightest marketers in the biz are leveraging the platform, including the importance of injecting personality into your content and humanizing your brand.

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  • Why the Play Button is the Hottest CTA on the B2B Web

    Featuring Chad Lakin and Stacy Adams

    Watch to learn why buyers are craving video and why B2B marketers should not dismiss it. This episode also includes tips for creating video content on a shoe-string budget.

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  • Brand Storytelling in a B2B World

    Featuring Kevin Ryan and Keith Browning

    A great B2C brand campaign gets the whole world talking. How can we create these same emotive narratives in B2B marketing? Our Brand Marketing Leaders looked at the importance of B2B brand storytelling, the role of emotion in B2B and how they built a successful brand strategy over the last two years.

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  • B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer - Second Edition

    Featuring Ty Heath, Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo

    Watch LinkedIn's global leads of market development discuss contrarian ideas in B2B marketing and how these little-known best practices can give you a significant edge over your competition.

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  • How to Build a Content Franchise

    Featuring Keith Richey, Carmen Simon and David Beebe

    In the entertainment industry, content franchises — think “Star Wars” and the Marvel movies — are coveted properties. Because of their brand value, these properties can function like annuities for their owners. So how can marketers leverage content franchises and reinvest in what’s working for greater efficiency reach, relevance and impact?

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  • The Staying Power of Breakthrough Ideas

    Featuring Wendy Clark and Rob Norman

    Inspiring your team to create the next billion dollar branding idea is no small feat, especially in this competitive, ever-evolving landscape. In this episode, we discuss with agency leaders what it takes to develop breakthrough ideas.

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  • Brand Awareness vs. Lead Gen: Battle or Balance?

    Featuring Heidi Bullock and Evy Wilkens

    As B2B marketers, determining whether to prioritize brand awareness or lead gen is a challenge. In this episode, we discuss this tension and provide tips for an effective full funnel marketing strategy.

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  • B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer - First Edition

    Featuring Ty Heath, Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo

    Watch LinkedIn's global leads of market development discuss contrarian ideas in B2B marketing and how these little-known best practices can give you a significant edge over your competition.

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  • Growing an Active Community for Your Brand

    Featuring Tomer Cohen and Penny Wilson

    Every business relies on its communities: your employees, your customers, and your prospects. In this episode, we discuss the power of communities and how to grow them to drive business success.

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  • What Should Marketers Really be Measuring?

    Featuring AJ Wilcox, Lacey Miyazaki and Patrick Chen

    There has never been more pressure on B2B marketers to demonstrate their impact on driving pipeline and revenue results. But are we measuring the right things? In this episode, we explore questions around measurement and dial in on how marketers can use ROI to make decisions and prove impact.

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  • Can Storytelling Save Marketing?

    Featuring Brian Solis and Sean Callahan

    Did you know that over half a million marketers list storytelling in their profile on LinkedIn? Watch to learn why marketers have become obsessed with telling stories, its value and how to put it into action.

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  • Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for Marketing

    Featuring Cassandra Clark, Alex Rynne and Gaurav Nihalani

    Get insider tips for effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns from our own practitioners.

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  • How to Maximize Your Blog Content

    Featuring Andy Crestodina and Michael Brenner

    In this episode, we discuss actionable strategies for elevating your blog performance from suggested frequency to activating your employees to promote content.

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  • Beyond Cat Videos: Driving Business with Social Media

    Featuring Steve Kearns Cohen and Koka Sexton

    Social media isn't just a black hole of cat videos. It's a way to grow your business at scale. Learn how to optimize your social media strategy with tips from the experts.

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  • Inside the Millennial Marketer's Mind

    Featuring Meghan Brockmeyer and Rachel Lefkowitz

    Marketers are desperately trying to understand millennials because they're aware of how much purchasing power they already have. In this episode, get to know the millennial mindset and way to engage them.

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  • Are You Measuring What Matters?

    Featuring Amanda Bates and Patrick Chen

    Break through the metric jargon and develop a strong understanding of the basics with our panel of experts.

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  • The Sweet Spot of True Measurement

    Featuring Megan Golden and Michael McEuen

    It’s not just about measuring your marketing programs, it’s about the conclusions you can draw.

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  • Solving for ROI on LinkedIn

    Featuring Cassandra Clark and Marcus Andrews

    Join us to learn how the LinkedIn Marketing team calculates ROI and how you can measure 'beyond the click.'

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What are some components of a country's culture select all that apply?

The major elements of culture are symbols, language, norms, values, and artifacts. Language makes effective social interaction possible and influences how people conceive of concepts and objects.

Which of these is a Macroenvironmental factor?

What are the six key macroenvironmental factors? Culture, Demographics, Social, technology, economic, political/legal.

Are shared meaning beliefs morals values and customs of a group of people?

Culture is the shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of people. Demographics indicate the characteristics of human populations and segments, especially those used to identify consumer markets.

Which of the following is an example of greenwashing?

Which of the following is an example of greenwashing? A company donates money to a school reading project so it can advertise itself as environmentally friendly.