Miracle in cell number 7 review năm 2024

A mentally handicapped father gets imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and gets assigned to cell no.7. His seven year-old daughter, Ye Sung, sneaks in to prison and kicks off a hilarious adventure that touches the themes of family, friendship, innocence, and justice.

The Director, Lee Hwan Kyung, skillfully blends the funny moments with touching scenes. You will find yourself in laughter because of the comedic illustration of the prison exscape. But you will also be in tears from the emotional triggers from the loving relationship between the mentally impaired father and his cute, angelic daughter.

You cannot help but fall in love with such a likable cast as the father collaborates and builds friendships with his fellow inmates to smuggle Ye Sung into the cell. The movie depicts the communal aspects of prison life and humanizes criminals (who are often ostracized in the media). The audience is encouraged to think critically about the corruption of the criminal justice system as well as the exploitation of mentally challenged individuals.

All in all, Miracle in Cell No.7 is a heartfelt comedy that brings warmth and genuine laughter to the audience. It is no wonder why the movie topped 10 million admissions in South Korea.

There was a recent buzz about this movie online particularly on Twitter which led me to find it and watch in order to quench my curiosity or others may say FOMO. This was set in Turkey. The movie started out with the end of a scene of a girl in a wedding dress holding on to a metallic cardholder while starring at the mirror while recalling the journey of her life. In the follow-up scenes, we got to know her name was Ova, Memo’s child.

A journey that showed an intellectual disable father’s love for his daughter without a mother (died at childbirth I presume) while under the guidance of the Father’s mother (Grandma). A father (Memo) who barely had a grasp of anything but had one sole goal of making his daughter “happy”. This he tried to do in every way possible by picking her from school or selling snacks just to get a Hendi backpack she admired.

This father and daughter bond was jealous by a classmate whose father was a Lt. Col. a reverenced and feared man who barely had time to show affection to his children which made his daughter feel the need to hurt her classmate by buying the Hendi backpack she admired which made Ova sad for a while and troubled Memo who questioned if she will ever be happy again but Grandma was very reassuring on a turnaround.

This turn around was never for good but just got worse! Memo was tending to Grandma’s herd of sheep around the hillside which was the same place the Lt. Col with family and friends were having a picnic. The kids played just a bit away from the parents and they saw Memo passing along the sheep, they chanted “Crazy man” and he played with them as his lack of intellect has made him not be able to understand the meaning of words. The jealous girl pulled her brother away from playing with him and just then her mother shouted out that the kids to come to eat which they all answered except for the jealous girl who deep down always wanted to play with Memo or rather a Father figure but never got the chance to only for this one time it happened and she got carried away as she stood on the edge of a rock, lost balance fell hit her head and died. As disorientated as Memo is, he tried to save her life but it was too late while the Lt. Col. Family had realized she was missing and only to find her lifeless in the arms of Memo who instantly became the murderer.

One of the specialties of Turkish cinema is tearjerkers. A classic example is Ayla: The Daughter of War. Miracle of Cell No. 7, about a mentally disabled father who is falsely convicted of murder, is a popular addition to the genre.

The origin of the story comes from South Korea, where, in 1982, a man was tortured into confessing to the murder of a little girl even though he was innocent. In 2008 the man was exonerated. This inspired a 2013 South Korean film about a mentally disabled father of a 6-year-old who is falsely convicted of murdering a girl. The success of the Korean film inspired approved remakes in the Philippines and Indonesia and an unauthorized version in India. But it is the 2019 Turkish remake that became a real international hit, even being picked up by Netflix. The Turkish version (Yedinci Kogustaki Mucize) is considerably more complex than the others, with more tear-jerking plot twists.

Memo (Aras Bulut Iynemli) is an adult with the mental development of a 6-year-old. He lives with his 6-year-old daughter, Ova, and with his own mother. When Ova, who loves her father, asks Grandma why her daddy is different from the other daddies, Grandma answers that it’s because Ova and her father are the same age, an explanation that makes Ova happy.

A schoolmate of Ova’s falls off of a rock face and dies. Memo tries to save her, but it is too late. He is discovered with the child’s body in his arms. Unfortunately for Memo, the dead girl’s father is a military commander, and he makes sure that Memo is convicted of murder and imprisoned. Memo is immediately almost beaten to death by his fellow prisoners, who draw the line at men who murder children. Gradually, the other prisoners in his dormitory take a liking to Memo and begin to suspect that he is really innocent. In addition, Ova stumbles across a witness to the accident, whose testimony could clear her father. However, this witness happens to be a deserter from the army and, as soon as Ova discovers him, he disappears.

Eventually, the prisoners and their supporters from the outside smuggle Ova into the prison so that she and her father can reunite. Of course she is discovered by the authorities. And Memo is sentenced to death by hanging. But there are a lot of twists to come.

One of the most satisfying aspects of Miracle of Cell No. 7 is the theme of redemption, the reminder that people who have committed crimes, as well as prison authorities, can change and see their own actions and the actions of others in ways that are the opposite of their own first impressions.

Is Miracle of Cell No. 7 corny and manipulative? Sure. But if you like tearjerkers, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Is Miracle in Cell No 7 worth watching?

Overall, Miracle in Cell No. 7 is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking and is one of the finest films to surface last year despite the predictable storyline, clichéd elements & melodramatic beats.

Which is the best version of Miracle in Cell No 7?

The original Korean version was very good, this adaptation was very okay. Differences in story-line make this somewhat different, just doesn't pull at your heart the way the original does. Still worth watching while stuck at home.

Will Miracle in Cell No 7 make you cry?

The very moving Miracle in Cell No. 7 has an astonishing ability to make people cry, causing many to take to social media to pour their heart out in admiration.

How do you summarize miracle in Cell No 7?

Summaries. Joselito (Aga Muhlach), an intellectually-disabled man, is wrongfully charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, and murder of a little girl. In prison he becomes friends with his fellow inmates and together they form a plan to smuggle his young daughter (Xia Vigor) inside the cell.