Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất

Announcement: SP Football Life 23 Facts and information

Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất

What is Football Life?

SP Football Life is our attempt to continue playing updated career modes, using the career modes of PES.

Like many other gamers, we do not have any interest in playing online matches, we prefer to play career mode in a football game almost exclusively, this is not available anymore as Konami has retired the pro evolution soccer series, and the game is no longer available to purchase, we cannot continue creating content for a game that cannot be bought anymore. newer games do not have any offline or career modes yet, waiting for that to happen, we will be playing and creating content for football life.

SP Football Life is how we like to play a football game, it is made with the same standards as previous smokepatch contents and is built according to our guidelines to the best of our knowledge, users can read the description before deciding to use football life as everybody have their own taste and preference

Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất

Release Date

in smokepatch we rarely announce release dates for our content, announcing a specific date to release a specific product is a responsibility that must be honored, and there can be a huge amount of unpredictable reasons that can cause delays, we can never be sure but we can only promise that we are doing the best we can.

we are still expecting the first version to be released by the end of this month, but it might be delayed for some days if needed, constant updates will be provided after the release to enhance features and apply more updated content.

Announcement: SP football life 2023 teams selection

Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất
Football Life season 22/23

SP Football Life 2023
Database (Leagues, teams, and players)

* post updated (28/Oct/2023)

every new season comes with a new selection of teams and leagues, we have our own criteria for our selection, it is not possible to add all the teams and leagues we want to add so we select what we think is best, and we are working on expanding the game to have more teams and leagues in the future.

please note that in football life and smokepatch in general, we do take liberties to make slight changes to the structure of some leagues for the purpose of stable gameplay, this can be modified in further updates.

read more about SP Football Life 2023

Announcement: SP Football Life 2023 (in progress)

SP Football Life 2023
offline modes of pes

Hello and welcome to smokepatch

Football Life is our attempt to continue the offline modes of the retired PES series, football life is a heavily moded standalone football game made solely for offline modes. No online capabilities nor does it require connections, online gaming cannot be played or accessed, for online gaming we recommend efootball.

Football life does not require any assets and will include all our heavily moded assets, based on the fox engine of PES21 (fox engine powered PES 18/19/20/21), graphics of older PES series can mostly be adapted to football life and many features will be available as optional add-ons. game is detached from the pes series and uses the smokepatch database, graphics, gameplay, and scripts.

PES2021/PES2020 SP Face Pack

Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất

SP21/SP20 Mega Facepack v4

release (20.Jan.2022)

contains +4400 real faces (see list below)

Update 1 is available

- added more faces

- fixed reported faces

- includes face pack tattoo files 

* extra faces for SP20 is available (from PES21 game)


- SmokePatch21 all versions (PES2021)

- SmokePatch20 all versions (PES2020)

PES2019/PES2018 SP Face Pack

Patch pes 2023 ps4 mới nhất

SP19/SP18 Mega Facepack v4
release (20.Jan.2022)

contains +5600 real faces (see list below)

Update 1 available:

- added and fixed some faces

- this update uses (SMK_Extra1.cpk), can be renamed to other free extra cpk


- SmokePatch29 all versions (PES2019)

- SmokePatch28 all versions (PES2018)