What is linear multimedia and examples of it?

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As illustrated in below image, two important distinctions can be made with respect to how multimedia programs are used. One form of multimedia is called linear because it plays out in one continuous narrative sequence. Another type of multimedia is called nonlinear because information is not laid out in a chronological manner, but with many potential directions.

What is linear multimedia and examples of it?

Nonlinear programs are inherently interactive and require active audience participation. The Web is a primary example of this type of multimedia, considering the endless pathways the embedded links provide. Let’s explore this a bit further.

Linear Multimedia

Despite the apparent oxymoron, some multimedia programs are linear and designed for sequential viewing and reading of information. They begin at a predefined starting point and conclude at a logical ending location. Linear presentations may be automated so that each screen advances at a timed interval.

The linear approach is intended strictly for display purposes and is typically a passive “receiving” experience by the viewer, with no expectation of participating. It eliminates the need to take action (by pressing buttons or keys or touching a screen), and the developer, as opposed to the program user, is in control.

An example of linear multimedia is a PowerPoint presentation given by a town official during a meeting. The presentation is prepared, organized, and controlled by the presenter in a logical sequence. It is intended to present information in a straightforward manner for the purposes of education and discussion. Productions such as these can be as simple as text with bullet points, or multimedia elements—such as photographs, videos, and animation—may be embedded in the presentation. The presenter will press a button or key to begin, as you would do with a video, and play it for an audience to watch and learn without active involvement.

Another example of a simple linear presentation with one primary type of media is a slide show of vacation photographs that are displayed in one direction, with a distinct beginning and end. Additional media elements could be included that would bring it to the level of multimedia, such as active web links to the areas where the person traveled, videos shot on location, and music from the native culture playing in the background.

A linear presentation may also be designed with some minimal control options for either the presenter or another user, by employing computer-programming techniques. If the program is set up to be interactive, it would need to have navigational devices on the screen to click or touch, such as arrows, or a key press option on the keyboard, in order to move forward to the next screen.

Linear presentations are used in place of nonlinear ones when there is no requirement for interactivity. For instance, movies are presented in a linear format, which allows for greater submersion in the experience. You can absorb the information without the distraction of needing to make decisions about what to learn or where to go next. Someone is delivering the content to the audience in the order that it was intended with a predictable conclusion. This method provides a rich experience, yet it eliminates choices and relinquishes control to the presenter.

When the goal is to simply be entertained, gain knowledge about a subject, or become familiar with others’ viewpoints, a linear multimedia presentation is preferential. A person or group would be more apt to concentrate on the content of the topic being presented without the possibility of diversions. Interactivity, on the other hand, forces users to make decisions and move through the content at their own pace. Both linear and nonlinear multimedia have their benefits and drawbacks.

Wikipedia is linear multimedia as it doesn’t allow for much interaction, it is mainly used for conveying information.

What is linear multimedia and examples of it?

Twitch is also another example of linear multimedia.

What is linear multimedia and examples of it?



Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a non-linear type of multimedia as it is interactive and allows the user/player to have an input. Skyrim has different types of multimedia embedded into it. For example, Skyrim will have; audio, video, animation, text, interactivity and image multimedia inside of it.

What is linear multimedia and examples of it?

Skype is also a non-linear multimedia as it allows for user input and has interactivity. Skype consists of; video, audio, interactivity, image and text multimedia.

Is an example of linear multimedia?

A movie is a common type of linear multimedia.

What is non

Non-linear media is a form of audiovisual media that can be interacted with by the viewer, such as by selecting television shows to watch through a video on demand type service, by playing a video game, by clicking through a website, or by interacting through social media.

Is YouTube linear multimedia?

Nowadays, the non-linear multimedia services, such as Netflix and YouTube, have become increasingly popular.

What is multimedia examples?

Popular examples of multimedia include video podcasts, audio slideshows and animated videos. Multimedia also contains the principles and application of effective interactive communication such as the building blocks of software, hardware, and other technologies.